BEST manufactures a variety of solder paste stencils to suit a wide variety of applications. From a simple rework stencil all the way to a 9,000 plus aperture stencil for a highly complex PCB assembly running on an automated assembly line, BEST can build your stencils in a timely fashion. BEST also designs and manufactures stencils in plastic and high nickel content stainless steel. Some of its plastic products are made with a variety of different adhesive formulations for both stay-in-place and removable applications.

With your choice in a stencil manufactures why pick us? We have the experience, the focus on speed and  breadth of stencil products for all of your needs.

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BEST has been in business for 15+ years assisting customers with their PCB rework and assembly problems. We are experts in the latest in assembly methods and inspection criteria as we sit on the IPC standards committtees as the specifications are developed. Our clients come to us for their most difficult PCB rework ,repair and assembly projects. Whether we are removing and replacing small sensors 2 x 2mm in size or reballing PoPs BEST Inc has the experience in the latest in SMT assembly challenges. Our experience translates in to your projects done on time and right the first time.

BEST is built for speed-whether it is in getting that last minute stencil out to you or making sure the rework or repair project is done quickly for that trade show or demonstration. We have experience in building reballing preforms and a variety of rework stencils in as little as a few hours as we keep the manufacturing in house-not outsourcing any operations so that you can get your project done on time.

Finally, the breadth of solder paste stencil offering is very wide and deep. BEST has developed a line of stencils for BGA replacement s which allows prototype developers to put these somewhat complex products down on the OCB without capital equipment. Our StencilMate ™ leadless device rework stencil makes the placement of these common devices simple. The StikNPeel™ rework stencil developed by BEST simplifies paste printing for small areas and for rework. Finally our lineup of SMT solder paste stencils allows a protype shop to easily place their own devices, a volume manufacturer to use framed stencils and a repair shop to use metal rework stencils.


frameless smt stencil