There are several benefits that a user has in adopting the StikNPeel™ and StencilQuik™ stencils over the competitive Flextac™ versions.

BEST’s StikNPeel™ stencils offer several advantage over the Flextac™ stencils. The first major advantage of the Flextac™ stencils is the fast delivery time of the StikNPeel™ stencils. Typically the StikNPeel™ stencils are shipping within 24 hours from approval of the check plot files. In addition any custom patterns not on the library of the StikNPeel™ stencils is no additional charge for the engineering and check plot of these stencil patterns while there is an NRE fee (because it is not fabricated in house) for the Flextac™ stencils. In addition the StikNPeel™ stencils a may have been caused are available in 4, 5, and 6 mil stencil thicknesses making this product far more flexible than the Flextac™ stencils.

BEST’s StencilQuick™ also offers several advantages over the Flextac™ stencils. The StencilQuick™ product stays on the PCB to help prevent shorting between the balls, it maintains a standoff height which is consistent across the device geometry and it repairs mask damage that may have been caused by the improper rework of the device. While the Flextac™ stenciling system is removed after printing the StencilQuick™ stays in place. This insures that there is no “smearing” of the solder paste after the stencil being lifted from the board. The permanent nature of the StencilQuik™ insures that the volume of solder paste is consistent. Finally, the high temperature material is a “Band-Aid” for any damaged mask underneath the BGA thereby saving hours in repair time.