StikNPeel(TM) adhesive stencils use a specialty adhesive which leaves no harmful residues in place on the PCB after it has been pulled off.

The pertinent testing  of these adhesive stencils is as follows:

• All testing was performed on a Dionex ICS 3000 ion chromatography system using Chromeleon software
• Controls and blanks were performed on the Dionex ICS 3000 ion chromatography system before the test began. NOTE: Foresite used NIST-traceable standards for all system calibrations
• A 1.5mL sample of each test samples’ extracted solution was analyzed using a 1.7mM sodium bicarbonate/1.8mM sodium carbonate eluent.

In blind testing Group "A" represented the StikNPeel(TM) samples. These samples were prepared using the StikNPeel(TM) adhesive stencil and a no clean SAC 305 solder paste alloy.

The full report can be found here.

One of the benefits of this adhesive backed stencilk is that the stencil remains in intimate cointact with the PCB thereby helping to insure several benefits. First of all this intimate contact insure a more consistent print volume. Unlike mini metal stencils which are one pass and done the StikNPeel(TM) adhesive stencils can have solder paste rolled across the surface of the stencil several times. This helps to iunsure that the aperatures are "filled up" with solder paste. Not only does the adhesive backing of the rework stencil insure consistent solde paste volume but it also isures that even if the site location on the PCB is warped the stencil remains in intimate contact with the board. This helps eliminate the "smearing" of the solder paste underneath the stencil. Finally the nature of the repositionable adhesive helps to get the best possible alignmtn of the apertures of the stencil to the pads of the PCB.