Circuit board repair requires patience and technicians with skilled hands as well as the right PCB repair tools. So when it makes sense to perform PCB surgery make sure that you use the BEST PCB repair tools.The tools and materials in BEST PCB repair kits have been developed by PCB repair technicians for PCB repair technicians. BEST PCB repair tools are also used on training hundreds of people every year. BEST PCB repair tools have are being used in telecommunications, industrial, medical and military electronic markets. These PCB repair tools are designed and fabricated to meet the requirements outlined in the IPC 7711/21 Rework and Repair of Printed Wiring Boards guideline published by the IPC, the electronics manufacturing industry association.

PCB repair tools

                         PCB Repair Kit

You will find that the BEST PCB repair tools also

  • Include “How To” video instructions as written guidelines
  • Have been tested by many different electronics assemblers world wide
  • Come with a 100% performance guarantee
  • Can in many cases be custom designed and custom packaged for use

One of the examples of how BEST puts forth unique PCB repair tools is in its circuit frames. BEST circuit frames are designed and fabricated in house. This means that if you have a repair job with highly repetitious pad and trace repairs we can take and fabricate on a circuit frame those pad and trace patterns that your require ONLY. Because we can design and fabricate those patterns in house there are no minimum quantity requirements and no tooling charges.

Whether you are repairing a solder splashed gold finger, replacing a ripped off pad, repairing mask which has been damaged BEST has the right PCB repair tools for your operation.