At BEST we have been working with the electronics development community for many years supporting new product introduction (NPI) with quick turn stencils. Our goal is to make a quick turn stencil for your time-sensitive prototypes.

Quick turn metal stencils

While many developers and assemblers can procure the same equipment and tools, the difference in making sure your prototypes are completed depends on your ability to get a reliable quick turn stencil in your hands. From the professional and trained inside project managers, to the laser technicians handling the project to the professional and friendly personnel at BEST make the difference. The close working relationship between prototype builder and the design team is crucial for success. BEST has the experience in communicating with the design community in an efficient, courteous manner which makes the quick turn of metal stencils possible.

BEST  is capable of quickly getting you a checkplot and a precision, high quality stencil in your hands. With our wide range of industry experience on complex package device and rework stencils we have the knowledge to get the job done..

We are constantly developing new methods for printing problems. See our article on SMT stepped stenicl printing for NPI.

To see our catalog page on all of our metal stencils look here.