If you need a company that understands the timeline and precision of SMT assembly then you have come to the right source for your SMT stencils.

BEST understands how to turnaround SMT stencils quickly (we will also tell you when we are swamped and cannot make a delivery). We have our roots in PCB rework and repair where we have dealt with hardware designers wanting board modifications completed quickly-before the next board spin. Therefore we know the tight timelines you are under. In addition, we build a variety of tools including BGA stencils for initial proto placement, re-balling performs for the re-balling of components used in the proto build and of course metal stencils.


smt prototype stencil


BEST will get precision engineered high quality high nickel content stainless steel SMT stencils for your assembly projects completed accurately. We use several CAM stations and have available several engineers to design your solder paste stencils. Whether is it a framed stencil, prototype stencil or foil only SMT stencil BEST can get the job done. Our engineers are used to using HPGL, DXF, AutoCad and Gerber format files outputted from a variety of different design tools. Our designers will edit your pad sizes either using industry-standard design rules or our experience with similar jobs or create the custom pads you desire/expect If your SMT design does not include a paste file, we can extract the SMT parts from the Copper/solder side Gerbers to produce a paste layer.

Call BEST to see how we can build your next SMT stencil.