EZReball(TM) Support Articles

On these pages you will find referenced PDF documents based on some of the technical articles, papers and presentations BEST or other personnel have made at industry trade shows, conferences and industry publications on the EZReball(TM) BGA reballing technique. We always welcome participation in further process development through the presentation of new material on BGA reballing technical issues or techniques.

While the links themselves describe these articles, below is a synapsis of these support materials:

Rolling Rugged BGAs by Reballing

This is an article related to the alloy conversion of BGAs and other area devices though the use of a BGA reballing process.

SMT Technical Overview on Reballing Methods

This is a good article on the overview of differing BGA reballing reballing  as well as deballing techniques

EZReball™ Ball Diameter and Height Measurement Report (10/2007)          

This is a 3rd party’s evaluation of solder ball attributes post BGA reballing     

EZReball™ Cleanliness Report (10/2007)

This is a independent lab’s testing of the remnant media after BGA reballing on their impact of the cleanliness of the device

BGA Reliability and Reballing (2009)

This is one of many articles discussing the reliability of devices having been reballed

Reballing a QFN Simplifies Leadless Device Rework (2014)

This is a discussion on the results of reballing a leadless device using reballing preforms.

There ae numerous other reballing articles including some select ones on reballing and the impact of the mechancial integrity of the solder joint post BGA reballing. Some articles also toivh on the reliability of the BGA after reballing. Call BEST Inc at (847) 7097-9250 to discuss your application further or if you would like to collaborate on a specific topic of interest related to BGa reballing.