BEST designs, manufactures and delivers solder paste stencils for the SMT assembly process.

Our process and design engineers will review your CAD data and modify the apertures based on BESTs’ experience with the SMT assembly process and stencil designs. We use either industry standard aperture designs based on the IPC 7525 design rules, your design criteria or a combination of our experience with either of the two. We will send you a checkplot (if you so desire) for your approval quickly prior to the manufacturing of the stencil.

metal stencil 30k aperatures

Our manufacturing process uses both the best materials and the best tools. We use high quality high nickel content stainless steel which provides for fine aperture walls representing the best in paste release characteristics. In addition the material provides for a high degree of flatness and dimensional stability for consistent printing. In addition the solder paste stencils are produced by the best in class YAG lasers featuring heavy duty cutting tables and precision servo motors for cutting accuracy. BEST also uses proven vendors of frames, mesh and epoxy materials in order make sure you get a solder paste stencil value.

BEST has a team of dedicated customer service, design, production and shipping personnel to make sure that the solder paste stencil we deliver is of the utmost quality the first time.


Call BEST at (847) 7979-9250 for the best in solder paste stencils.