Metal Stencils

If you are looking for a reliable partner that will “go the extra mile” for your metal SMT stencil needs-then BEST Inc. is your source. Because we have been providing PCB rework and repair services our business and service level understands the "must have it fast" needs of SMT/rework stencil customers. We are built for speed!


At we supply numerous types of metal SMT stencils including framed, frameless and prototype stencils. We show first timers how to print here  or you can see our "how to" video here. We use modern, high precision lasers to cut the finest of apertures. Our metal stencils are designed using your exact criteria with our SMT engineers providing guidance on how the stencil needs to be designed for optimal performance and release characteristics.  We use the best materials. Our standard SMT metal stencils use the High Tension(TM) material giving you the greatest chance to have as much material as possible be deposited onto the PCB. Find out more about the HighTension(TM) material here.

So, if you need a reliable service provider of SMT metal stencils, with many years of experience in processing boards and performing rework, then chose BEST!


Don't take our word for it instead see what a recent customer said: "I wanted to thank you folks for a wonderful stencil . ...the pad opening was reduced by 20 percent and this was enough to make the product workable from a manufacturing stand point. Please tell all your stencil folks that you make the best stencils in the business and I will only use stencils from you moving forward." (Amersham).

Tension(TM) is a trademark of Datum Inc