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SMT Foil Stencils  or in some circles called frameless stencils are laser cut solder paste stencils designed to work on their own for hand printing or with stencil tensioning systems. These laser cut stencils do not need to be permanently glued in a frame. These so-called frameless stencils are less expensive than framed stencils while at the same time reducing the storage space requirements. Each SMT foil stencil comes with a squeegee appropriately-sized as well as board holders. These frameless stencils are well-suited for prototype assembly, but can be used for production requirements.We have a money back guaranteed policy.  Shipment is ONLY 24 hours from approval of checkplot.

BEST frameless SMT stencils provide for optimal solder paste volume control and can be used for fine pitch SMT printing.

Key features:

* Highest quality nickel-stainless ultra fine grain (See more info on the Tension(TM) material, which is our standard, here) smoother aperture walls and cleaner release characteristics. There is no need for nanocoating. This is a "nanocoatingless" high performance material.

* Clean Laser-Cut Apertures

* Excellent Print Performance

Prototype Stencil Printing Process

We support both the DEK and the QTS "frameless" systems in a variety of sizes and colors. We also have cut many SMT foil stencils for different proprietary frameless stencil systems. you had cut.  If you have your own then we can match the pattern from a previous frameless SMT stencil that Call BEST for more information.

BEST has 10+ years of experience in stencil design and cutting. Our excellent customer service staff will assist you in your ordering process. We know the SMT printing process because we perform rework/repair and assembly services on site.

If you need solder paste to go along with your project look here or for more squeegees look here.

Tension(TM) is a trademark of Datum Inc.


Reviews (29)

Samona W 17th Sep 2021

Fast and Accurate

Thanks for catching the potential problems with the QFN!

Alex S 30th Jun 2021

Fast delivery

The stencil came much faster than I anticipated