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Circuit Frame BEST16CCktTrackDF_Gold

Gold circuit Frame for Contact Finger Repair-Dry Film Method It has a 6 month minimum shelf life and is date-coded on the circuit frame.Tin plated with dry film attached. The base metal is 1 oz copper with chemical etchant which results in a high bond...
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EZREball(TM) Frames

The EZReball(TM) Frames are designed to be aligned and "squared up" to the package being reballed by the precision cutting of the reballing preform. There are cases where these frames will help to align the (2) parts more easily without impact the...

IPC 7711/21 Training Kit

This kit is designed for training purposes and for certification/re-certification of IPC-7711 operators or instructors. This kit is intended for IPC 7711/21 Revision "C" certification and re-certification testing. It is ideal for use in these classes...
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Solder Paste Dipping Plate

These fixture plates facilitate the controlled dipping of flux or paste onto the balls under the BGA packages. Flux or paste is controlled at a depth of 50-60% per cent of the ball diameter prior to placement of a BGA or to place a PoP component on to a...
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