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PCB Repair Kit Dry Film Version

The BEST PCB Repair Kits are designed to meet the quality of original trace, pad, and plated thru-hole assemblies. These kits give you the tools you need for fast repair and modification of lands, traces, contact fingers, SMT pads, plated hole...

EZReball(TM) New Pattern

This is a unique BGA reballing preform for pitches greater than 0.4mm for new parts where you have a mechanical part specification which can be uploaded. EZReball(TM)  improves first pass yields and makes the reballing of devices fast and simple...
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Re-order StikNPeel (TM)

By ordering this part number you are re-ordering a previously-ordered StikNPeel(TM) adhesive-backed rework stencil. Simple type in the part number and send us under the order notes if you want a fresh check plot. Otherwise we will send you the same...
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EZReball(TM) Engineer My Pattern

THIS IS AN ENGINEERING SERVICE IN ORDER TO DELIVER A USEABLE PART NUMBER FOR EzREBALL(TM) FUTURE PURCHASES  If you are in one of the following situations  and know that you need to reball a part or a group of parts, then you have come to the...
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